Mark Brickman aka DJ Mark Brickman arrived in South Beach in late 2000 and has been gracing the ears of House music fans ever since.  Never before had a working DJ on the South Beach circuit used a laptop computer instead of turntables, but he quickly proved that it was “all about the music” and that the new technology was here to stay.  Residences included the uber popular RUMI lounge, the Hotel Astor  and Pearl Lounge where Mark frequently played with the likes of DJ Irie, Stephane Pompougnac (Hotel Costas), and Miami’s own Edgar V.

As a producer,  Mark is synonymous with Essential South Beach as he has been sharing the mix tape series with fans since 2001.  Now a podcast, with over 50 volumes and still going strong, the Essential South Beach mixes are enjoyed by fans across the globe.

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