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Talented DJ and producer, Stacy Kidd, was born and raised in Chicago in 1972. He began his prosperous DJ career in 1987 after being amazed by the music he had so often heard on the radio.

“I used to try and record mixes off the radio then try to mix using two tape decks. I would sometimes try and mix them together using one radio with two integrated tape players on it. After a year of experimenting, I had developed a good ear for the music and began buying records. Now I didn’t own a turntable, but I was still out and about buying up new records. Now in 89’, I finally got a turntable and practiced mixing using a tape deck and one turntable. It was easy because I had previously been able to mix without a speed control feature on the tape decks and now I had a turntable which had one buit in so mixing became much easier for me at that point. In 1990 I was invited to DJ at a house party where, for the first time, I had the opportunity to spin on two turntables. This is also the point in time when I met Paul Johnson. Paul was a friend of the party host. During this party, I remember spinning a lot of unknown tracks that I got from producers like Ron Hardy, DJ Rush, Armando, Farley and JM Funk when I first started mixing. Paul had spun an unknown track that night and we then began comparing our crates. I would play one record then he would play one and this went on for like two hours. Everyday after that party, we’d hang out and work on music together. In 1994, I recorded my first record with Paul on Dance Mania Records called “Stacy Kidd & Pilly P Doing Thangs Vol 1”. Now two more Vol.’s followed (Vol 2 & Vol 3) prior to my first solo record called “15213 Loomis” on Dance Mania Records in 1996. That same year, Paul came to me and said “man you need to start doing some club music and get out of that fast dance mania style of music” so I replied “cool” and went on to release 3 club records in the same year on labels Huge Records (Chicago), Relief Records (Chicago) and Peacefrog Records (London). In 1997, I started traveling with Paul and spun at different parties all over the world. A scene now new to me, I was just loving it so I then put all my focus into producing more club style music because it seemed to be what all the people outside Chicago were feelin’ at the time. Now in 1998, I really gained momentum releasing 5 records with labels Dusttraxx Records (Chicago), Aftermidnight Records (Holland), Riviera Records (France), Daddy Records (sub label of Peacefrog) plus went on to produce a remix for Ministry of Sound (London). In 1999, I continued traveling and meeting more DJ’s as well as producers from all over the world. I released more tracks on Riviera Records, Dusttraxx Records and Moody Records in 1999.”

In 2000, Kidd was on a whole new level. He’s now working on more vocal projects and remixes for new and respected labels. In 2000 Kidd released records for Yellorange Records, Silk Entertainment Records (Chicago), Tilted Records (Seattle), Celebrity Records (Minnesota) and Dusttraxx Records plus DJ’d many tours and studio session with a number of top House producers in the game. In 2001, Stacy Kidd was on a tear. He worked on many more production projects for labels including Basement Boys Records (Baltimore), Yellorange Records (New Jersey) and Riviera Records (France). In 2002, Kidd started his new production company “Underground Elements” whichs included talented singers Joi Williams and Matthew Yates and producer/DJ‘s Tim Funatik (Dallas), Melvin Meeks (Chicago), Scott Payne (Chicago) and Ice Mike Lataker (Chicago). In 2003, Stacy Kidd was just heating up being recognized as one of the versatile up and coming producers in Chicago by DJ Magazine. Kidd also joined Louie Vega and Kenny Dope of the M.A.W. family on their new label “Kenlou Records”. He went on to release three more records with Music 101 Records (Chicago), Silk Entertainment Records (Chicago) and Classic Records (London). Five more followed that year, two from Bumpin City Records (Chicago) and the rest with Kenlou Records (New York), After School Records (LA) and Dusttraxx Records (Chicago). In addition to his releases during 2003, Kidd had many DJ appearances in countries all aver the world including Russia, Sweden, UK, and a slew of domestic events. Be on the look out for more hot production from Stacy Kidd and company (Underground Elements) in the near future because he’s got more talent share with the world!!!!!!

House 4 Life!!!!

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