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Private Party

Known for being one of the top fifty Canadian Idol singers and for numerous live performances in Toronto Ontario, R&B sensation Cj3 (real name Cornal Wiles Cruickshank Jr. III) tapped in to extensive talents as a recording artist when he joined Duane Chong of DKC Entertainment in 2005. At 26, he has already released an EP (2006), his debut album At Last (2008) along with his hot club single “Not Staying” In (2009) featured on iTunes. And at the height of his career he managed to score opportunities for opening performances for Canadian singer Carl Henry pop star Ne-Yo and rap legend Busta Rhymes. His previous collaborations include Edwin De La Vega, Arthur Zaragoza, DJ Duck, Peaboo, Kendall Marin & The Boy Wonder.

On June 28th 2012, Cj3 released his first recorded mixtape debut under JStrike Entertainment, the highly anticipated DEVASTATION The Mixtape working with national and international collaborators & producers. DEVASTATION includes Canadian features by Strike, Paul Thompson, Chris Robinson, Kaida James (formerly Slik-K) Hayleigh McNeil, Peaboo, De La Vega; UK features such as Bigfoot, Illatant of Misfit Music, Essential of Eloquent Music, UKF Music; And US features by Van Beats, Debo And The Beats & Friday Malone.

Cj3 is currently 1/5 of an R&B/Hip-Hop/Indie music group called SPACE FAM which includes STRIKE, Paul Thompson, Chris Robinson & Kaida James. Independently they are releasing solo music projects leading up to the anticipated SPACE FAM Mixtape set to be released before the end of 2012. He also has a hot new infectious house single with 3rd Party called “Private Party” with Mi Casa Records with remixes various industry name producers such as Kendall Marin, 3rd Party & Mike Wright and an all-new remix by Strike for JStrike Entertainment.

Creativity well as innovation is key to the success of Cj3. With an endless list of influential artists and genres of music, the musicians that do influence him are “artists who aren’t afraid to do something different, to dress a certain way, voice their opinions, or be who they are.”

He cites artists such as Marvin Gaye, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Teddy P, Chris Brown, Ready for the World, Janet Jackson and Omarion as some of his musical influences. “At the end of the day,” he says “I don’t like to listen to music and not learn anything from it. I like music that has substance.”

CJ3’s ultimate goal is to convey the story of his life through his craft with the utmost precision and care. “I want my fans to get something from me – either a message or be affected by a song in some way. I want them to follow me in my journey. Everything you want to know about me is in my music. ”

His current plans for his musical career include the making of an official series of music video releases for DEVASTATION The Mixtape, expanding in to multimedia including an official comic book mini-series with renown art director DarkChildx2k (Marvel/Dabel Brothers, Danity Kane cover artist), based on DEVASTATION The Mixtape and new material leading to a new compilation of music. ~Strike, JStrike Ent.

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