Releases on Mi Casa Records:

Stop ‘N’ Go

The name “Loki” comes from Norse mythology, where he was the “god of mischief”…amongst other things. This name fits the personality of this artist well. Loki is a fun-loving artist with a quick-witted nature, a healthy sense of humor, and a wide range of interests. Loki is a true musical purist; he has invested his time and money in educating himself in all of the aspects of the music industry, from Production and Engineering, to Artist Management, and Contracts. Loki’s musical background goes back much further, to his youth, where he played and took lessons in various instruments ranging from “Cello” and “Keyboard/Organ”, “Musical Theory”, as well as Drums (Band Percussion kit.) and (although he usually doesn’t volunteer this information) singing. So it is fairly safe to say that music has always been an important element of his life.

After having built his solid foundations in Music (artist/performance), Recorded Music Production/Sound engineering, and music business management, Loki has become more selective of who he works and collaborates with in the music industry. His work with Mi Casa Records demonstrates the great respect that he has for their musical output and business professionalism. His work in prior projects, and his work in various media (including: Film, T.V, Music) has made him an artist who is able to understand the themes and concepts of the engineers and producers he works with. Because he is so easy to work with, his recording sessions have an extremely laid back atmosphere.

Loki as an artist is a pure lyricist, both written and freestyle. He holds himself and his vocals to a high standard of excellence. He has always said that all of his work is for the love of making good music. He has a Hip-Hop background, but has also made tracks in “cross-over” Reggae, and House styles. Loki has a charismatic personality, and has shown the ability to capture the attention of the listeners through both lyrical content as well as the diversity of the cadences and deliveries used. Musically, Loki refers to his style as “an additional element of the beat”. His philosophy is that each flow is an extension of the instrumentation of the beat.