Sensation – Lussmo


1. Sensation Original Mix

Diving right into his craft, this talented Mi Casa Records artist brings forth some awesome layered, multi-filtered, big-room goodness with a superb track titled “Sensation”. Lussmo’s programming is well thought out including the placement of all the build-ups contained within the arrangement. If you’re listening to this banger on a laptop, you’ll first notice the clarity and depth of sound which is not always easy to conquer when using a multitude of layered synthesis. However, plug in a set of headphones and you will experience a whole other dimension to the mix. Lussmo was able to achieve a successful mix in a manner that captures the track’s raw energy keeping its tight rhythmic aspect. Your reward as an experienced listener will be received the instant you play this track through your bass bins… WOW!!

General Release Information:

Exclusive Release Date: May 14, 2013 (Beatport Only)
Worldwide Release Date: July 9, 2013 (Selected digital stores)

Label: Mi Casa Records Inc.
Release Name: Sensation
Catalogue Number: MCR-073
Artists: Lussmo

Track Info/Durations:

Catalogue #MCR-073

1. Sensation – Original Mix
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00218)


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