Saving My Soul – Alex Freez


1. Saving My Soul
Alex Freez  

Saving My Soul – Alex Freez

A sensational production by a new member to the Mi Casa Records artist roster, talented DJ/Producer Alex Freez. With a vibe of almost spiritual qualities, “Saving My Soul” features meticulous synth programming and a composition of musical elements to guide a listener’s soul through an unforgettable journey.

You will enjoy the modest bottom end on this track… the feeling of a powerful force running through your body and carefully chosen musical elements which all work together to put you in a state of unspeakable ecstasy.

The production is very impressive considering the tender age of its creator. “Saving My Soul” will be a valuable asset to any DJ’s crate, or general listener’s music collection. Leave room in your music library for Alex Freez… he’s only getting started.


General Release Information:

Exclusive Release Date: November 27, 2012 (Beatport Only)
Worldwide Release Date: December 25, 2012 (All other digital stores)


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