Infatuation – S Def


1. Infatuation Original
S Def  


2. Infatuation - KLM Remix
S Def  


3. Infatuation - Boy Wonder Remix
S Def  


4. Infatuation - Fabrizio La Marca Remix
S Def  


5. Infatuation - DJ Mark Brickman Remix
S Def  


6. Infatuation - Frankie Classic Groove Mix
S Def  

S Def is no lightweight when it comes to House music production. A relatively new force in the vast scene of this genre, his experience in creating fantastic musical works is compared to many of the greatest in the biz. S Def’s hard work and continued understanding of House music has quickly deemed him as one of North America’s hottest producers to take note of.

S Def joins an exclusive, impressive and elite list of House music producers from around the world with a sensational musical work released with Mi Casa Records. His debut track titled Infatuation is a music production marvel. Intricate composition and arrangement caught the ears of our A&R… it was not hard to put 2 and 2 together to realize the talent S Def possesses. Upon hearing S Def’s Original Mix, you will notice a journey that takes place right before your ears. The subtle progression of S Def’s mix draws the listener in subconsciously hitting repeat soon after to catch more of the abundant ear candy contained in the S Def Original Mix.

Mi Casa Records commissioned remixes to compliment this release as interest from up and coming to major producers was strong. Five outstanding remixes are presented in this complete package. Miami’s DJ Mark Brickman produced a massively impressive yet modernized Deep House infused vibe keeping that sexiness of S Def’s original version alive within the DJ Mark Brickman Remix… it is simply tasty to the ear! Flavours meld with a superb retro infused gem created by one of Toronto’s hottest and rapidly rising House music producers, Fabrizio La Marca. His attractive and well thought out remix fittingly titled the Fabrizio La Marca Remix will keep a listener’s head-nod in full motion for days. Another force to be reckoned with, Kendall Marin of The Wisemen blesses this release with an extraordinary rendition featuring carefully crafted candy of the original mix encompassed in a bangin ear shaker titled the KLM Remix. Just when you think a KLM remix would be enough to round out this release package, you are quickly graced by another monster arrangement by Toronto’s very own Frankie Shakes and his sensational offering Frankie’s Classic Groove Mix. You just won’t stop dancing… it is that good! Last, but certainly not least, The Boy Wonder of The Wisemen closes out this party with a super sexy Deep House rendition with a jazzy groove contained in The Boy Wonder Remix.

There you have it. A complete release package for the masses is right here ready for music libraries of DJs, radio stations and general listeners around the planet. There is no doubt hitting repeat will be a common action on at least one of the tracks heard on Infatuation.

General Release Information:

Exclusive Release Date: January 14, 2014 (Traxsource Only)
Worldwide Release Date: March 11, 2014 (Selected Digital Stores)

Label: Mi Casa Records Inc.
Release Name: Infatuation
Catalogue Number: MCR-093
Artists: S Def
Remixers: DJ Mark Brickman, Fabrizio La Marca, Frankie Shakes, Kendall Marin, The Boy Wonder

Track Info/Durations:

Catalogue #MCR-093

1. Infatuation – S Def Original Mix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00246)

2. Infatuation – DJ Mark Brickman Remix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00247)

3. Infatuation – Fabrizio La Marca Remix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00248)

4. Infatuation – KLM Remix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00249)

5. Infatuation – Frankie’s Classic Groove Mix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00250)

6. Infatuation – The Boy Wonder Remix
S Def
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00251)


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