Private Party – 3rd Party ft. CJ3 Remixes by Mike Wright


1. Private Party Main Mix
3rd Party Ft. CJ3  


2. Private Party Freakin Mix
3rd Party Ft. CJ3  


3. Private Party Mike Wright Remix
3rd Party Ft. CJ3  

Private Party – 3rd Party ft. CJ3 – Remixed by Mike Wright

Soulful/deep House music producers 3rd Party are caught reminiscing about the good old days on their latest creation “Private Party”… remembering the private loft and warehouse parties of yester-years when everyone went to dance and have a good time. The beats and chords on each mix are organic keeping with the Classic House feel. Mi Casa Records’ newest artist CJ3 performs like none other with an understanding, as does 3rd Party, of what it is like to be turned down at the door of an exclusive party. Mi Casa Records has commissioned the remix talent of 2-Travelers (2T Music) for “Private Party”, serving up a bumpy impression of this energetic EP title. Make sure you are in the “know”… don’t get caught on the outside looking in.


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