Infinity – Phaze Two


1. Infinity
Phase 2  

Enter a couple of hip young DJs from Australia who also produce good Electro House music. Mi Casa Records is proud to present this wonderfully talented production team known as Phaze Two who bring forth a sensational track titled “Infinity”. The first thing you notice within the first 20 seconds of this stadium destined vibe is the production quality coupled with interesting yet unique progressions. A deep punchy kick drum ties this journey together until it completely transforms into the monster it is. Lively synths supported by a catchy chord progression take this vibe to a whole other level supported by a catchy melody line that cleverly creeps its way into the mix. Take “Infinity” for a ride on a sound system of no less than 100,000 watts and you will understand what infinite pleasure feels like as this banger rattles through your body.

General Release Information:

Exclusive Release Date: October 15, 2013 (Beatport Only)
Worldwide Release Date: December 10, 2013 (Selected Digital Stores)

Label: Mi Casa Records Inc.
Release Name: Infinity
Catalogue Number: MCR-086
Artists: Phaze Two

Track Info/Duration:

Catalogue #MCR-086

1. Infinity – Original Mix
Phaze Two
(ISRC: CA-17K-13-00234)


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