I Am The DJ – The Wisemen


1. I Am The Dj - Brad Goldfinger Remix


2. I Am The Dj - Original

The Wisemen are on a relentless pace of serious House music creation and it’s almost uncanny this production trio keeps writing hits with no signs of burning out. Well fans, The Wisemen have not yet even come close to brushing with their peak. When will they you ask? Time can only tell when magnificent tracks like “Show Me the Way”, “Sax Man”, “Hold On”, “Ruffneck”, “Burnin’ Up” (and many more) leave their recording studio!

During the Winter Music Conference of 2014, party goers who attended the Essential South Beach party at the Eden Roc hotel were treated to the first ever spin of “I Am the DJ”. Fate would have it that Cyruss Sanchez (on the decks at the time) would be spinning it outdoors on one of the most powerful sound systems anyone could ask for. What an opportunity that was not only to hear, but to also witness the vibe!!

In this Mi Casa Records release package you are treated to not one, but two versions of “I Am the DJ”. The Original Mix was conceived with two things in mind… capture that special groove and make it infectious. With a deep yet punchy kick drum, careful programming and tight production, the Original Mix is sure to receive heavy spins from DJs and general listeners across the globe, but the buck does not stop there. The Wisemen were presented with an outstanding remix from a talented DJ/Producer out of Toronto, Brad Goldfinger. Appropriately titled, the Brad Goldfinger Remix possesses unique nostalgic flare purposely designed to draw in listeners from many walks of life alongside already established House-heads of this world.

Both versions are solid and the general consensus amongst the House music community is certainly prevalent and soon to be proven that “I Am the DJ” will pop up on multiple podcasts, radio broadcasts, and top 10 playlists worldwide. This is the track dance floors around the world have been waiting for!

Track Info/Durations: 

Catalogue #MCR-100

1. I Am the DJ – Original Mix
The Wisemen

2. I Am the DJ – Brad Goldfinger Remix
The Wisemen



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