Deeper – DJ Mark Brickman


1. Deeper (Bricks Main Mix)
DJ Mark Brickman  


2. Deeper (Bricks Main Dub)
DJ Mark Brickman  


3. Deeper (The Boy Wonder Remix)
DJ Mark Brickman - The Boy Wonder Remix  


4. Deeper (Frankie Shakes Funk'dub Remix)
DJ Mark Brickman - Frankie Shakes Remix  


5. Deeper (Fabrizio La Marca Remix)
DJ Mark Brickman - Fabrizio La Marca Remix  

Deeper can mean different things to different people under different circumstances. When it comes to the dance floor and when the DJ goes deeper, it means there is a mutual trust and respect between the DJ and his audience. Trust the DJ to keep you moving, and trust that the audience will go with you on this journey. This sophomore release for DJ Mark Brickman is about trust. He trusts his dance floor to let him go deeper. He trusts the DJs to understand his deepness. We trust you Mark, you can go deeper anytime…


General Release Information:


Exclusive Release Date: February 26, 2013 (Traxsource Only)

Worldwide Release Date: April 23, 2013 (Selected digital stores)


Label: Mi Casa Records Inc.


Release Name: Deeper

Catalogue Number: MCR-056

Artist: DJ Mark Brickman

Remixers: Frankie Shakes, Fabrizio La Marca, The Boy Wonder



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