Aftermath – The Wisemen ft. Remixes by Frankie Shakes & The Boy Wonder


1. Aftermath Good Morning Mix
The Wisemen  


2. Aftermath Main Mix
The Wisemen  


3. Aftermath Frankie Shakes Remix
The Wisemen  

There is a concept behind this funky release typical of a night out with The Wisemen. Have you ever heard the term Auto Pilot? No, we are not talking about the automatic flight feature that comes standard in most commercial airliners. We are talking about an alcohol-induced behavior accompanied by an interesting physiological and chronological series of events revealed after a heavy night of partying. The Wisemen dub this packaged term Aftermath. Dont try to deny this weve all been there.This crazy title features some sweet underground production by The Wisemen with their version named the Main Mix. The Boy Wonder hits his mark and then some with a sensational re-work called the Good Morning Mix. Lastly, a brilliant remix is also included on this release created by one of the newest members to the Mi Casa Records team talented DJ/Producer from Toronto, Frankie Shakes! DJs be fair warned. You are about to have a few of your House music maniacs pounding back the drinks and cutting a new rug on dance floors across the globe. Remember to add Aftermath to your party crates, sit back and enjoy the scenery!


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