Welcome to the home of Mi Casa Records! Here you will find nothing but great House music vibes from minimal to electro-charged club bangers. Lounge around as long as you like and take in the sites and sounds of what Mi Casa Records has to offer.

Visit our Events & Bookings page (Coming Soon!) for upcoming parties, showcases and release events as well as our Store for links to all Mi Casa Records’ sensational releases and merchandise.

Mi Casa Records was founded in the early 2000’s by three dynamically distinct music and entertainment industry professionals Cyruss Sanchez, Kendall Marin and Robin Eccleston. These three talented DJ/Producers/Remixers had been at their craft for many years prior to the official launch of the Canadian based label in 2003. Together, they continue to release fantastic material under their production group name “The Wisemen”.

The mission of Mi Casa Records is a continued campaign. Firstly, to unify all genres of House music as once enjoyed by many listeners around the world during its inception. Secondly, to contribute towards the underground music scene’s continuing battle to be recognized as the sound of tomorrow. Lastly, to provide House music with the past due commercial respect it deserves.

The Mi Casa Records sound is simple. This label will release potential House anthems, club bangers and hits. You will hear Mi Casa Records releases in main rooms, arenas, stadiums, and exclusive parties for you to remember for years to come. Integrity in the music plays a key and crucial part in the outlook of this unique House music label. Titles will be selected carefully based on the element of soulfulness, feeling and meaning in the music. The Mi Casa Records mandate is to keep all music original, drawing influences from the past and present, without using pre-conceived music. Every recording you hear released by Mi Casa Records Inc. will sound different and have one common thread… good music.

The future of Mi Casa Records is bright with newly signed artists and releases year to year. The door is wide open to all genres of House music and to all the DJs/artists/producers looking for their one big break.

Enjoy your stay and thank you for your continued support!

Team Mi Casa Records


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